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NHD Student Websites 2016-2017

Individual Projects
Morgan Breitenbach
Elvis Presley
Cameron Cooray
Tiananmen Square
Eric Croone
Jesse Owens
Luke Dillon
Sir Nicholas Winton
Sam Grant
The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Jakai Lindquist
Louis Armstrong
Khalil Mayo
Nelson Mandela's Stand for Equality in South Africa
Chris McIntosh
Gavrilo Princip
Mayla Meekins
World War II Women in the WASP
Bijou Nsele
Jane Goodall
Justin Pennie
The Boxer Rebellion
Janae Profit
Police Shootings
Alka Rao
John  Muir: Taking a Stand for National Parks
Milo Sandfort
Additya Siyam
El Alamein and After
Tyler Sun
Rosa Parks
Madelyn Wells
Standing up to Terrorism: The Firefighters of September 11, 2001 
Jason Wu
Charles Darwin and His Idea
Group Projects:
Mia Granelli & Taylor Stone
1968 Summer Olympics - Black Power Salute
Olivia Li & Taylor Maynor
Abraham Lincoln: Taking a Stand Against Slavery
Francesca Mariano & Faiza Rafika
John Knox
Morgan Martin & Arshie Rob
Taking a Stand for Girls' Education
Nishat Nayla & Sumaiya Subha
Mahatma Gandhi
Ana Nelson & Pranjal Rai
Rachel Carson: Taking a Stand for the Environment
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