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LaGrange College NHD Page - lots of helpful links 

Websites/Databases for NHD Research
Sweet Search History  - a search engine (like Google!) but one that only searches for reliable, history-oriented websites
US History in Context (Gale) - ask Ms. Hirsch for the password**
World Book Encyclopedia Online  (ask for password for home use)* 
Encyclopedia Britannica - Middle and High School (ask for password for home use)* 
Encyclopedia Britannica - Academic version (ask for password for home use)* 
US Department of State - Office of the Historian (key milestone events & documents) 
America in Class (National Humanities Center) 
U.S. History Scene (browse by centuries) 
United States Holocaust Museum (includes a Holocaust Encyclopedia)
Heroes & Villains (from National Archives of the UK) (listed by topic) 
History Net (articles grouped by topic) 

Websites for Primary Sources
Library of Congress Digital Collection (tons of primary sources!) 
Smithsonian's History Explorers (museum artifacts) 

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