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 To Kill a Mockingbird Research Topics



Brown v. Board of Education
Scottsboro Boys
Harper Lee
The Great Depression
Truman Capote's Relationship with Harper Lee

Source #1

Herbert Hoover: End of His Presidency and the Start of the Great Depression
(Tips: look up "Hoover carts", "Hoovervilles" and "National Recovery Act")
Franklin D. Roosevelt's 1st Inauguration
Jim Crow Laws
Civil Rights Defenders for Blacks
Emmett Till
Education in the 1930s 
Major Criminal Court Procedures and the 6th Amendment: Right to Counsel and a Right to a Jury Trial
(Tips: Consider the challenges and different interpretations)
The Black Church: The Rise of the Church in the Southern Black Community and in Educating and Organizing Black Communities for Civil Rights 
The Role of Women in 1930s South
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