Chamblee Middle School

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Year long Art Application

About Year Long Art:
Visual Arts Comp I will be offered as a year-long course during the 2024-2025 academic school year. This course allows students to obtain one (1) Carnegie credit that transfers to high school. The expected enrollment for the course will be the entire 2024-2025 academic school year. 

The Art Department at Chamblee Middle strives to equip our students with the language of art and the tools and skills to create successful works of art. Our goals are also to expose students to art history, art criticism and aesthetics. Art is combined with other areas of the curriculum to build learning skills, problem-solving ability and to spark creativity.

This studio course is designed to provide experiences that contribute to the development of the four content areas of art that will enable the student to attain higher levels of performance, critical thinking and aesthetic judgment.  The emphasis of the course will be the production of a body of work (portfolio) encompassing a broad range of medium, techniques and expressive outcomes that are related to the area of visual arts. Engaged critical thinking skills will encourage student growth and personal style, in response to master artists and artistic styles/periods. Sketchbook assignments will be used to reinforce learning in the studio and provide independent practice at home.

Requirements to Apply:
A) CMS 8th Grade Student for the 2024-2025 academic school year
B) Submit 2-3 of your best artworks created in the last 2 years. Submit your art digitally on this form.
C) Provide the names of two (2) CMS Teachers for recommendation forms to be provided.
     (Ms. Roberts will email the teacher recommendation forms)
D) Submit the entire packet by the deadline date of January 12, 2024.

*If you are in a yearlong music class (band, chorus, orchestra) you will have to drop down to 1/2 a year of music to take this course. The music department and I have a class agreement that you will still be able to attend solo/ensemble, honors, and field trips. You would take the state required Health & PE for 1st semester and your music course would start 2nd semester in January.*

*** If you have any questions, please email Ms. Roberts: [email protected]!***