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Chamblee Middle School

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School Policies

School Policies

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Dress Code

DeKalb County School District Dress Code 

The Dress Code is enforced at all school district sponsored events. 

As a reasonable accommodation, exceptions for religious reasons, medical conditions, disabilities, or other extraordinary reasons may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions must be approved by the principal. This is not an exhaustive list of dress wear. 

All Students Must All Students Must NOT  
  • Wear suitable clothing that maintains a safe and orderly environment promoting respect, care for self, and others. 
  • Wear a shirt of opaque (non-see through) fabric that covers all undergarments including during any movement while sitting or standing.
  • Wear bottoms of opaque (non-see through) fabric that covers all undergarments including during any movement while sitting or standing.
  • Wear clothing that corresponds with the demands and purpose of the activity in which the student participates.
  • Wear protective clothing, headgear, eyewear, etc. required for specific programs, classes, or activities.
  • Wear shoes at all times. Footwear that interferes with freedom, movement, or safety are prohibited.
  • Wear pajamas, pajama shirts, bottoms, or sleepwear of any kind. 
  • Wear house shoes, bedroom slippers of any kind, or footwear that interferes with freedom, movement, or safety. 
  • Wear headgear of any kind (religious practices, medical conditions, disabilities, specific school activities are excluded). 
  • Wear clothing, jewelry, tattoos, piercings, or other body ornaments that disrupt the educational process or endanger the health or safety of other students, staff or visitors. 
  • Wear clothing, insignia, symbols, tattoos, piercings, jewelry, or adornments worn or carried on or about a student which promote gangs or the use of controlled substances, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. 
  • Wear clothing, tattoos, or other adornments which show offensive and/or vulgar words, pictures, diagrams, drawings, or includes words or phrases of a violent nature, a disruptive nature, a sexual nature, politically/socially controversial words or graphics or words or phrases that are derogatory regarding a person’s ethnic background, color, race, national origin, religious belief, sexual orientation, or disability. 

Neatness, cleanliness, and appropriate dress are expected of all CMS students at all times.

Chamblee Middle School's motto is High Expectations Produce High Achievement. In keeping with this ideology and in compliance with the DeKalb County guidelines, all students must adhere to the DCSS Dress Code as stated in the Student Code of Conduct.

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Morning arrival and afternoon pick up can be a hectic time as we move nearly 1,000 students into and out of our building in a short period of time. Please review the image below and note that the green areas are where students should be exiting/entering vehicles.

Please take note of these important reminders:

 • Pull all the way up to the stop sign (indicated by the yellow star on the map) when dropping students off and/or picking them up. This will allow as many cars as possible to get onto campus.

 • Remind your student(s) to stay on the sidewalk and only cross streets at crosswalks.
We currently have some students walking across or through traffic to reach the sidewalk because they are being dropped off or picked up in red zones. Please exercise appropriate caution in the school zone outside of the school property, but also when you reach the parking lot. We want to make sure that our students are safe and that we avoid any accidents.
This caution should also include paying close attention to the stop sign once you have rounded the corner, before making a left to exit the lot/school property, or a right to head to the gym parking lot area. Those coming from your left or right to exit the lot/school property have the right of way and you are asked to yield to them.


Attendance & Check-In / Check-Out Procedures


 Chamblee Middle School students are expected to be present for class every day that school is in session. There is a direct correlation between a student’s grades and his/her attendance. Daily attendance is the first step to achieving success in school. For this reason, punctual and regular class attendance is considered essential for Chamblee Middle School Students. 

The attendance office may be reached by phone@ 678-874-8220


The most important place a student can be during the school day is in class. If an absence is unavoidable (due to illness, for instance), parents must phone the CMS attendance office each morning before 8:30 AM to report their student’s absence and provide information on when the student may be expected to return to school. Parents who do not phone CMS about their student’s absence will be called. Therefore, it is important that current home and work phone numbers are on file with Chamblee Middle School.

A note explaining a student’s absence and including a parent’s daytime phone number, is also required for the student’s file when the student returns to school. If parent contact has not been made or a note received, the absence will be "unexcused." Students who have unexcused absences cannot make up missed work and will receive zeros for daily work, tests, and homework which will be averaged in with their other grades.


Tardiness is neither excused nor unexcused, regardless of the reason. Students are expected to be in school and in class on time. Three (3) tardy slips will result in teacher assigned detention. Five (5) tardy slips will require a conference with the students and his/her parents. Additional tardy slips will incur additional penalties.

Check-In / Check-Out


Any student arriving at CMS after 8:50 AM should report to the Attendance office and sign in. A parent must accompany the student and must also provide a written note of explanation for the student’s file.

Taking students out of school during the day is strongly discouraged

Medical, dental, and legal appointments should be made outside of school hours. However, if a student must leave school during the day, the student must check-out properly:

Parents must meet their students in the CMS Attendance office

To avoid classroom interruptions, parents must make prior arrangements with their students concerning the time of check-out. Students are expected to meet their parents at the Attendance Office at the prearranged check-out time. Students must bring in two (2) notes in order to leave classes: one for the classroom teacher so that the student may leave the class on time and one for the student’s attendance file in the CMS office. An excused re-admit slip will be provided to the student in exchange for a note from the doctor’s or dentist’s office when the student returns to school. Students MAY NOT be excused to leave the CMS campus for lunch. A student will not be allowed to leave the CMS campus with anyone other than their parents or legal guardian. 

Identification may be required before the students will be released.

Parent Visits to the Classroom

Parents of currently enrolled students or prospective students may want to visit individual classrooms. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Sign in at the Security office, receive a visitor’s pass, and be escorted to the classroom.
  • Limit the classroom visit to one class period.
  • Refrain from engaging the attention of the teacher or students through conversation or other means.
  • Schedule a follow-up conference if the situation warrants.

Unless it is a true emergency, students should not check out of school between 3:30 PM and 3:55 PM. This is an extremely busy time for the school office and one of the most difficult times of the day to locate a student. Please adjust your schedules accordingly.